Hendrik de Vries

Business Strategy Coach

Welcome to THE Hendrik de Vries Bio. How do I know? Because I wrote it. I guess I should call it the Hendrik de Vries Auto-Bio. Anyway, I think you get it.


The short version? Lot's of experience. I was a Financial Advisor for a few years. I traded currencies on Wall Street for a few years. Then I started a digital marketing agency in 2012. I focus on helping SMBs, RIAs, CFPs, and Financial Advisors quickly and easily accelerate growth.


I'm a disrupter. If I see something that doesn't make sense, I do something about it. And why should you care? I don't know if you should care or not. You're free to find out for yourself. All I know is that I love working with open-minded people with a growth mindset.




Feel free to contact me if you're interested in working together or if you have any questions.


The de Vries Family

I should say the Kathryn de Vries family (she's my amazing wife) because she does most of the work. Anyway, that's me with my beautiful wife Kathryn and daughter Elin.

How I ended up with these two incredible women is beyond my ability to comprehend!

Most importantly, I did, so not gonna screw it up!

Hendrik de Vries Family Winter 2018 1000x700
Hendrik de Vries Wishful Soccer Star

Wishful Soccer Star

I was pretty good...about 25 years ago when I was in high school. (I guess I just aged myself...oh well)

Nowadays, I can't even play as a result of ankle, knee, foot, injuries and being over 40 years old.

And yes. Of course, I'm going to live vicariously through my daughter when she becomes a soccer superstar!

50% Swedish 50% Dutch Live in Texas

As you can probably tell, I'm somewhat partial to Sweden. But I still love my fatherland, The Netherlands. My daughter and I both have Dutch passports!

We live in Dallas, TX. And when we want to breathe clean air and see nature, we go to Stockholm, Sweden. My favorite place in the world.

Hendrik de Vries Elin de Vries Sweden Crazy But Were Dutch
Hendrik de Vries Kathryn de Vries Logan de Vries 701x526

My wife and my Best Friend Logan!

Logan is the most tenacious, persistent SOB I've ever met.

He'll literally chase a ball until his legs fall off.

He's my best friend! And he's only bit my daughter twice so far ๐Ÿ™‚ But those were just tiny little nibbles because she was getting a little too rough with him. Who can blame the guy!

Last and VERY much Least...

Wannabe MMA fighter training with AD (an actual REAL-LIFE MMA Fighter!) She'd regularly kick my ass every Friday morning for over two years.

Then age and the lack of cartilage in my left ankle forced me to stop my weekly beat down. (Again, it was ME getting beaten down.)

My wife and MMA trainer AD are living proof that women are CLEARLY stronger than men!

Hendrik de Vries Wannabe MMA Fighter 700x700

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